For companies and interested parties looking to locate or expand in San Francisco, SFAsia offers the following services:

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Facilitate Key Introductions

  • Connections in China and Latin America through the GlobalSF network.

  • Asian businesses/organizations.

  • Stakeholders from San Francisco’s innovation, business community and technology ecosystem.

Advisory Services

  • Provide end-to-end advisory services to Asian companies who want to establish a presence in San Francisco.

  • Introduction to investors, partners and potential clients.

  • Make initial contact between Asia, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

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Business Expansion

  • Assist businesses with finding commercial real estate to establish a physical location in San Francisco.

  • Opening R&D offices, laboratories, manufacturing facilities for your businesses.

  • Creation of innovation centers.


  • We curate our own events.

  • We also partner with 3rd third- party organizers.

  • We organize our own roadshows to Asia (outside China).

  • We create focused events for Asian companies to network in the Silicon Valley.

  • We host trade mission delegation.