Market Entry

There are a variety of means by which a company can enter the San Francisco, California, US, APEC, ASEAN and/or Asian-Pacific national markets.  There is no one size fits all market entry strategy for these markets or industries. Whether you have already identified your market entry strategy, or it is still a blank page, SFAsia is able to work with you and provide you with important answers, advice and assistance.   We find the best chances for success are achieved by understanding your business and markets.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with relevant information, connections to technical assistance providers and financial services. We offer the following services:

  • Quick Scan
  • Market Research
  • Matchmaking
  • Trade Missions

Quick scan

Quick Scan is a swift-thorough investigation focusing on a general or specific field within the target market.  A quick scan is the first step in the advisory process. The primary aim is to advise your firm of further steps needed for market entry.

Market Research

Market research is tailored information provided, either by SFAsia or via third-party technical assistance providers, connecting your business to opportunities in San Francisco and/or Asia-Pacific markets.  We offer assistance with the following information:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer analysis


When entering a new market, the relevance of a network is key.  SFAsia opens the rights doors for you. We can introduce you to the relevant institutions and future business partners.  We enable matchmaking through tailor-made one-on-one business meetings.

A similar service is provided to those taking part in SFAsia Trade Mission or Build Roadshows.  Via individual matchmaking SFAsia will assist you in finding potential business partners such as: agents; joint venture partners; importers; distributors, investor’s, etc.

Trade Missions

Multi-sector Trade Missions:

SFAsia facilitates multi-sector trade missions throughout the year on behalf of or in cooperation with our partners.  Our missions offer companies and organizations the unique opportunity to explore and investigate opportunities in a focus country or to expand existing contacts and activities.  Through tailor-made programs consisting or matchmaking sessions, company visits, information seminars and networking events, parties are given the chance to shape their international ambitions and also to realize them.

Individual Trade Missions:

Specifically for individual companies or organizations SFAsia offers tailor-made trade missions, focusing on our clients wishes. A detailed program can be offered to explore, meet, and investigate opportunities in the desired region and field. Matchmaking and site visits will be organized in a personal way and we connect you to the relevant partners in the business and government sector to ensure a highly effective mission.

Business Support

Our Business Support service is aimed at supporting you in accelerating your business. We have a large network of specialists and service providers who can assist you with business development and the challenges you might face. We think beyond borders and have local expertise to take your company or organization to the next level.

We provide the following Business Support services:

  • Trade Inquiries
    • We regularly receive trade enquiries and as your first point of entry into San Francisco or going overseas to Asia-Pacific, SFAsia can pick up your trade enquiry directly. We can cater to you if you are looking to find information on a specific export market, or want to import or export products or services to and from the Pacific Rim, or if you are looking for trade statistics.
  • Project Finance
    • SFAsia works with a variety of public and private financial organizations providing project or export finance.  Often, entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses face a financing gap when it comes to making a business move or closing a deal.  SFAsia has a network of identified public financing agents, private investors, venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, Korea, and Japan. We will help to answer your questions about the financing structures: loans; equity and mezzanine type of financing as well as to advise on interesting combinations of the capital stack.  
  • Starting up your Company
    • SFAsia provides a “Front Door Ombudsman Service” to help companies start their operations in San Francisco.  We offer one service package to assist you with expanding or starting up your company. Different elements involved are: branding; tax; banking; moving & housing; ICT; visa; permitting.  

Trade and Investment Promotion

To increase trade and investment, SFAsia assists companies in navigating the San Francisco, California and Asia-Pacific marketplace.  Providing information about how to tailor their activities to the specific market with respect to the dynamics of the sector targeted, how to promote your business, region, or product in a foreign country, and how to find clients or investors.

SFAsia can assist you with Trade & Investment Promotion.  We level the playing field and have local knowledge to make it happen. SFAsia helps equip those businesses with the knowledge and tools that they need to meet that challenge and by extension, promote trade and investment.

  • Investment Desk
    • SFAsia’s Investment Desk provides you with a platform which you can consult for advice and support concerning any questions and issues you may face. Advice can be given about which sectors are good to invest in and we can help locate investors for your projects. We can help and advise you with the establishment, rolling out and/or expansion of your international activities in the Asia-Pacific and/or San Francisco. Furthermore SFAsia can assist with identifying investors or assist with new investments and development projects.
  • Export Desk
    • To boost the trade relations, SFAsia in cooperation with international partners utilizes a Trade Match Program in which new exporters, sellers and suppliers can be linked to new importers and/or buyers.
  • Representation
    • If you wish a more strategic and in-depth approach, the combination of the opportunities of trade and investment promotion in a representation contract might be a good formula to successfully launch your business, product or region. The SFAsia-GlobalSF team of professionals can represent your company or organization, help in identifying opportunities, schedule matchmaking and promotional events while facilitating specific investments projects. Elements included in Representation contracts ranging from hosting trade missions to the Asia-Pacific or in-bound missions within California, promote and facilitate specific investment projects to seek investment opportunities through round tables and exposure during network functions. Talk with staff to build the best representation package suited to your needs.

Networking & Corporate Functions

Throughout the year SFAsia provides clients with opportunities to meet, network, exchange ideas and experiences. Invitees are introduced to each other and these contacts are essential to develop new, mutually beneficial business relationships. Furthermore SFAsia promotes activities and cultural events organized by others, which are of interest to our clients. You not only meet with existing contacts during these events, but more importantly gain access to a new network and thus meeting potential clients or partners.

  • Bay Area Consular Corps Lunch
    • The annual Bay Area Consular Corp Lunch is the perfect opportunity to personally meet and interact with the various Consular and Trade and Investment Promotion diplomats from the around the world based here in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Naturally the Consular Corps Lunch is attended by high profile corporates, entrepreneurs and public organizations.
  • Seminars & Workshops
    • FAsia facilitates various seminars and workshops on ‘hot’ topics with different partners. Sharing information, debating and networking are key during these events. Not seldom are seminars held in conjunction with sector specific trade missions and/or specific governmental bodies to highlight and keep up with the latest trends and developments.
  • usiness Breakfasts, Luncheons & Dinners
    • SFAsia regularly facilitates intimate gatherings where cuisine and business are united. We bring parties from the private and the public sector together to discuss a topic, sector or trend. An interesting table host can be the secret ingredient to a successful and inspiring morning, afternoon or evening. 
  • SFAsia Advisory Committee Luncheon
    • he annual SFAsia Advisory Committee lunch is the perfect opportunity to personally meet and interact with the various committee members and other interested in Asia-Pacific activities.
  • Quarterly roundtable and seminar
    • As of 2019 SFAsia will be organizing quarterly roundtables and seminars on theme. These themes are related to topics such as B-BBEE and how to start up your business in Africa or Europe. These sessions will be organized by SFAsia with the input and expertise from our clients and stakeholders.
  • Supported Events
    • vents hosted by members and partners can be supported by SFAsia through our communication and marketing tools. We can broaden your audience by communicating to our network. If required, we can also assist in event organization and matchmaking.